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About H12 Hope

Hope H12 started from the simple desire to help others. Our successes and the support of people have enabled us to expand our horizons and increase our impact.

How It Began

Once upon a time, a group of people in Holland, MI, wanted to make a difference in their community. They saw the struggles of the homeless, those recently released from jail, and those in need of support and decided to take action. They formed Hope H12, dedicated to helping individuals and families in need.

Our first success story involved a senior citizen who was found living near the train tracks in a tent. Hope H12 followed his progress for seven years, providing him with meals, a bike, and, eventually, his own apartment. We also introduced him to his Pastor and some church friends who helped him feel more connected to his community. Today, the man remains a good friend of Hope H12.


A Beacon of Hope Against All Odds

Hope H12’s efforts continued with a young woman who was being released from jail. She had nowhere to go, so Hope H12 cleared out a spare room and supported her until she could get back on her feet. Another man sleeping in his truck also received help from Hope H12. We provided him with housing until he found a place of his own. Today, he works for us and is deeply grateful for the assistance that was offered to him.

Hope H12 also helped another woman who was being released from prison. We met her at the bus station and provided her with personal hygiene products, clothing, and shoes. She was taken to lunch and then to her new place, which we had especially prepared for her.

Providing Shelters Wholeheartedly

Beyond housing and basic needs, Hope H12 also provides legal and dental support to the deprived. We find individuals who desperately need legal counsel and dental treatment but are struggling to pay for it. Furthermore, we also help families with furniture and home repairs, such as providing a bedroom set for a child and replacing a work trailer for a man whose trailer had been smashed.

Hope H12’s support goes beyond just providing material needs. We offer short-term job opportunities and even care for pets if needed. Through our efforts, we provide hope and assistance to those who need it most.