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Correctional Reentry

When Ali was sent to prison, she felt alone and afraid. But H12 Hope was there for her every step of the way, providing financial and emotional support that helped her through her sentence. Today, Ali is free and thriving, and she knows that H12 will always be there to lend a hand

Andrea’s release from jail was a scary and uncertain time for her. But thanks to H12 Hope, she was able to find a safe and stable place to stay while she searched for a job. Today, Andrea is proud to be living on her own and thriving in her career.


Amanda had hit rock bottom when she found herself both homeless and jobless. But with the help of H12 Hope, she found the strength to pick herself up and start anew. Today, she is living her best life with a stable job and a place to call her own. Amanda knows that she can always count on H12 Hope for support.

Greg found a home with H12 Hope, where he could work to help others and give back to his community. And Amanda found a job and a place to live while living at H12. Together, they know that they can make a difference and help those in need.

When Jeff’s marriage fell apart, he didn’t know where to go. However, H12 Hope was there to offer him a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and the support he needed to get through the tough times. Today, Jeff is on the path to a brighter future, thanks to our help.

When Jackie and her daughter found themselves in a difficult situation, they didn’t know whom to ask for help. At H12 Hope, we opened our doors and hearts to offer them a safe haven during their time of need. Today, Jackie and her daughter are happy and thriving, thanks to the kindness of H12 Hope.

Abe knew he needed help when he decided to overcome his addiction. At H12 Hope, he found a safe and supportive environment that gave him the tools he needed to get back on track. Today, Abe is sober and grateful for the love and support he received from us.

H12 Hope knows that animals need love and support too, which is why we also rescue and foster animals in need. With the love and care provided by H12, these animals are able to thrive and find forever-homes.

When H12 Hope built an apartment for strangers in need, we worked with empathy and compassion. We believe everyone deserves a safe and stable place to live, and we are proud to provide that to those in need. Today, our apartment continues to serve the lesser privileged.

Funding Assistance

Ari and her family were struggling to make ends meet when H12 Hope stepped in to offer them a helping hand. With groceries and other essentials provided by us, Ari and her family were able to focus on their future and work towards a brighter tomorrow.

Mindi and the Church knew that COVID-19 had hit many people hard, and they wanted to do their part to help. So they set up tents to offer shelter to those in need, providing a safe and supportive environment during a difficult time.

Greg and Sadie faced many challenges due to their disabilities. However, we were able to offer them a job that accommodated their needs. With the support of H12 Hope, they found a way to work and contribute to society, overcoming the challenges in their lives.