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The world has become an unusual place. Wars, pandemics, and recessions make it seem like it’s falling apart. But that’s not all – you’ll find that people around you are suffocated by what life throws at them. It might even feel like they are on the cliff’s edge, but we must understand that there’s always hope. God is watching us and wants us to take the high road toward the path of righteousness and see the light.

Understanding Hope

Before we dive deeper into our discussion, let’s learn about hope. We all know how hard it is to feel hopeful when you’re on the brink of a disaster. These are dark times, and darkness can consume us. However, positivity can change that. Being hopeful against all odds can help you see the goodness and opportunities amid the chaos. So, if we are going to ruminate, why not make it something positive?

It is Okay to Speak Your Mind

The first step toward achieving closure and hoping for the best is understanding that you’ve been through a lot. The best part about speaking your mind is that it not only lessens the burden but allows you to take the next step.

Respond with Love

When you’ve hit rock bottom, it’s hard to get back up. However, there’s a way in which you can rise from the ashes – that is with love. Love empowers us to be hopeful on the darkest nights. Now, love can be in any form. You can feel affection toward a lover, family members, and even God. After all, love gives us purpose to be hopeful in this hopeless world.

Become Someone Whom People Can Rely On

Imagine that you didn’t hit rock bottom, and someone helped you get back on your feet. If you don’t have someone, you could be that person for others. Remember, if you want something to change, start with yourself. If people start relying on you, everything will fall into its place.

Let the Magic Happen

Everyone has magic within them. There is something inside of us that nobody can take away and will always be there. Remind yourself of that inherent magic and forge ahead because the journey will continue. Work on creating a kinder world for the people around you.

Final Thoughts

These are uncertain times, and you’d find that most people have become selfish. Be the light in this darkness and lead the change. You can start by doing well for the greater good. H12 Hope continues to provide help to those in need. Participate in our activities to become a beacon of hope for those in need.

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